Keep your blond locks healthy and vibrant!

Don’t let frequent washing or pollution highlight unwanted yellow tones, taking away your hair’s natural beauty.

Silver shine is the key for healthy and shiny blond hair, for bright grey or white hair and to enhance the purity of flawless lightening.

SILVER SHINE is developed to neutralize the typical golden and yellow hues that can be present in blond, lightened or grey hair. Use silver shine to:

- Enhance natural tones in blond, lightened or grey hair, neutralizing yellow tones

- Give softness, manageability and shine, revitalizing the hair.

The combination of these two elements makes silver shine a unique range: neutralized yellow tones and gentle treatment of he hair in one product range.


    have a protective, invigorating and energizing action

  • INTERGRITY 41® - hydroglycolic sunflower seed extract

    Protects hair colour and protects against colour fading, increasing manageability and shine in the hair.


    Nourish and supplement the hair, with a restorative, protective and conditioning action. Milk proteins give strength and resistance to the hair fiber.

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